You’re Not In This Alone!

you are not aloneYesterday we talked about leaning into your fears. Today we want to disclose how Tiffany does this.  She has an amazing support team!  Her family and friends are there for her at every turn she makes.

The three confidants who helped her to overcome her paralyzing fear in reference to Modern Muse’s first annual conference was Ryan Tokarz, Linda Minks and Tricia Rivas.

Each of them took a totally different approach to help her move beyond her limiting beliefs.  Her husband, Ryan Tokarz, was very direct.  He never understands why she would ever doubt herself and just tells her to get over it.  Her mom, Linda Minks, listened for hours and consoled her with understanding and love.  And one of her best friends, Tricia Rivas, listened and yet encouraged her to remember that she was serving the purpose that God intended for her to pursue.

With that, we hope that this blog post inspires you to be grateful for those who have supported your endeavors.  In our invidualistic society, we often times forget how powerful emotional support truly is for intentional growth to surface.  In fact, this is why Modern Muse is so passionate about what we do for our clients.

Do you want to learn more about what Modern Muse Consulting does for our clients?  We invite you to peruse our website.


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