Your Next Chapter is Well… Unwritten!

 we brought up that sometimes you have to surge forward on your intended path and simply make it happen!  Today we want to share with you as you do this that you cannot expect things to go exactly as planned.  Instead what we have found over the last 10 years is that you need to expect to enter into the unknown.  When you are implementing a strategic plan, it should be leading you to uncharted territory.  It should always lead you to the unknown. This is okay.  This is a part of the process.  In fact, we truly believe if you never enter a bout of chaos from time-to-time in life & in business, you are playing it to safe.

This doesn’t mean you have permission to be reckless.  This is because when you utilize a strategic plan that has been done right, it allows you to take calculated risks; not just to be risky.  It allows for you to lean in without falling over!

With that being said, you can never control the outcomes in life.  This is beauty of life. Even if you don’t take calculated risks to lean in the direction of your vision, you cannot completely control the outcomes.  So….why not lean in?!  Why not embrace the unknown by realizing that the next chapter of your life is unwritten just like Natasha Bedingfield sings about in her song, “Unwritten.”  Turn up the volume and click here to listen to wisdom in her song.

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