Your Life is Calling You: Pay Attention!

Last week we shared why Modern Muse Consulting chose to partner with Sarah Spain with Mandala Cynosures.  Now let’s share with you how Tiffany Tokarz met Sarah Spain.  It is a story that you might not expect.  It started at Red China Bistro, but this isn’t where they connected about the upcoming Glow! retreat. This is just how they initially met.

Sarah and Tiffany both have a love for Red China Bistro.  Tiffany met Sarah when she was there one night indulging on delicacies.  They had a beautiful conversation and yet nothing about business was discussed.  It wasn’t until Tiffany met Sarah’s sister that the dots started to connect.

Tiffany and Sarah’s sister were talking about ancient wisdom and the power of imagery.  Tiffany had told Sarah’s sister that she needed an art therapist or someone like this for the upcoming Modern Muse Glow! retreat.  This is when Sarah’s sister said to Tiffany, “You MUST meet my sister.  She is a brilliant artist”

Molly made the introduction.  Tiffany made the call and “the rest is history.”  Sarah Spain is now involved with the Modern Muse Consulting’s Glow! retreat.  Do you want more information about the future Glow! retreat?  Visit


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