Your Largest Fear Carries Your Greatest Growth

fearYesterday we talked about how Tiffany felt overwhelmed at times as she was preparing for Modern Muse’s first annual conference, Magnify!

Prior to hosting the conference, Tiffany thought that these snags were signs that you should pump the breaks.  After hosting the conference and receiving all the positive feedback from attendees, she now knows that a little bit of chaos is a part of creating intentional growth.

She now knows that during intentional creation, you are never going to overcome the fear you have about the unknown until you lean into it.

This is the beauty of working with Modern Muse. When you hire Modern Muse, Tiffany not only consults, trains and coaches, but she practices what she preaches.  This gives her a vantage point that helps her clients.

Do you want more information about Modern Muse’s next conference, “Set Sell?”  Visit www.modernmuseconsulting/setsell


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