You no longer have an “out!” It’s time to be your best.

Yesterday we gave you an out!  Today we are going to challenge you.  Before yesterday you might not have realized that your brain creates a chemical cocktail that either helps you or does just the opposite.  Today you don’t have that as an “out” any more.  Today you know that you have the ability to change how you feel by getting into your diet what you need!

Regardless of whether you attend Glow!, Tiffany Tokarz challenges you to do something about this!  Seek out Sheree Clark to find out what you might be missing from your diet to be at your best.  She has an amazing background with a plethora of tools and resources to help you transform your diet so you can transform your life.

We at Modern Muse feel so blessed to be partnered with Sheree Clark on the upcoming Glow! retreat.  We can’t thank her enough for answering the phone (inside joke) and saying, YES! to our invite to get involved.  We know that each & every Glow! attendee will be blessed by her kind heart, high level of integrity and expertise!

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