You Can’t Get to Courage Without Walking Through Vulnerability

Yesterday we shared who introduced Tiffany and Tracy.  Due to who introduced the two of them, they both assumed that they should suggest meeting in West Des Moines.  They met at the Starbucks on Hickman.  Tiffany still remembers this meeting as if it was yesterday.

The reason this is because from the moment Tiffany met Tracy she knew there was something very special about Tracy.  Tracy is a successful business owner and yet was willing to be vulnerable.  This combination gets Tiffany’s attention.  This is because, as you know, it is rare to find this combination in one person.

Through their conversation, they realized they had a lot in common and one of these things is they are both Southsiders.  They laugh about this still.  They could have met at the Starbucks on Fleur, but they assumed.  Well you know what they say about assuming!

Some things are just meant to be!  Tiffany feels that meeting Tracy is one of these things!


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