You are Fabulous! So are We! Can’t You See!

Yesterday we shared with you that Tiffany, our CEO at Modern Muse Consulting, was raised by a man who spent his entire career as a Superintendent at a small construction firm.  He has been active in leadership within Local 106 since she was a little girl.  And though her dad and she have differing political beliefs from time-to-time, she knows she wouldn’t be where she is today without Local 106.  She was awarded a scholarship when she was entering into college that helped finance her education.

This opportunity led her down a path to ultimately obtain her MS in Leadership Development Psychology.  In addition, due to her accomplishments both academically and in business, she was recently accepted into Faculty Row.   Faculty Row is an invite-only organization that includes Fullbright Scholars, TED Talk Speakers and countless accomplished academics.

This is only the beginning for her.  And yet as she continues to lead Modern Muse Consulting to be a nationally recognized and sought-out hub for sales professionals and business owners to increase productivity & profitability, she has made a vow to celebrate her roots with each passing step.  Her roots have made her fabulous!  And she knows yours have done the same!  With that, turn up the volume and click here to listen to “Fabulous” by Jaheim while celebrating all that makes you who you are today.

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