Modern Muse’s Intentional Growth Workshops

Intentional Growth Workshop

Workshop participation is intended to make creating intentional results as easy saying your ABC’s!  

By attending you will:

  • Assess your results from an intuitive & objective perspective.
  • Better position to create the results you want to achieve by year-end.
  • Cast a vision that creates a vacuum that pulls you forward with more ease.


How do you know whether this is a workshop you should intend??

  • Do you have bold goals and/or heartfelt desires?
  • Are you willing to explore what might be holding you back from what you want?
  • Are you serious about creating momentum in alignment with these goals and desires?
  • Do you believe in the power of collectively working with others and know this will help you accomplish what you want in 2015?


If you answered yes to these questions, Modern Muse will see you at a future Magnify! Workshop.  The date of the next workshop is to be determined.  And as you know, “birds of a feather flock together” so feel free to tell your friends about wanting to attend a Magnify! Workshop.  Modern Muse offers customized workshops if you gather enough interest among your friends.



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On the fence about attending Modern Muse’s next Magnify! workshop?

No need to talk you into it.  Modern Muse’s testimonials will do this:

Ryan Wendt with Be Always Marketing, “What a great experience that opened up newly found insights for me!  Thank you!  We’re excited to integrate these new strategies and techniques we discovered in your inspiring workshop.  Loved it!!!  Thank you again.”

Jolena Irving with Principal, “Thank you Tiffany!  It was a wonderful experience, as always!”

Kelly Miller with Wellsfargo,Thank you Tiffany for today!  What a privilege to get to spend three hours with you.  You are beyond amazing!”

Justin Thompson with BAM, “Such an inspirational workshop.  Thank you Tiffany!”

Tamera Keck with Augury Connection, “I really needed this!!  I think your workshops have a divine awareness that surround them and the people who are brought together. “

Hannah Nuese with Trixie’s Salon, “Left Magnify! feeling very inspired to execute my new-found plan.”