Work on your business, so you can profit in your business

In our post yesterday, we provided a recap of the guiding principles that Tiffany Tokarz embraced in the process of creating her company. These principles are what she still uses today.

And yet with that being said, she doesn’t use these principles in the same way she did when she first started her business. Her business has grown & evolved into a hub for sales professionals who surge forward on their intended path.

She now works with her clients “on” their business so they can be more productive and profitable “in” their business. She does this in a very holistic-way. She incorporates strategic planning and practicing extreme self-care into every service & event Modern Muse hosts. Modern Muse now offers online forums, one-on-one strategy sessions, group consulting, workshops, retreats and conferences.

Are you a sales professional? Do you want to make more money? Do you want to have more fun doing it? Click here to contact Tiffany and get started today.


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