Why You’ll Be Inspired by Matt Wagner’s Story at Our Annual Conference in January!

matt-baseballOver the last couple of weeks, we have shared with you a few of the professionals involved with our annual conference this year.  This one day conference is designed to inspire sales professionals and business owners to increase profitability and productivity by jump-starting the year off right! For the next several weeks, our weekly blog promotion will continue to introduce you to all who will be involved.  Today’s post introduces you to Matt Wagner, who works for West Bank and who also used to play professional baseball for the Seattle Mariners!

After growing up dreaming about becoming a major league baseball player, Matt endured the ups and downs that come with a career that is prone to changing. There were many times when injuries plagued him and he could have chosen to give up on his dream, but he persisted, and his dream prevailed. He even had doctors tell him that because of a medical condition, he would never play baseball again. Instead of listening, he learned to adjust the sails and chart a new course that allowed him to continue to pursue the thing he wanted to achieve more than anything else!  Due to his commitment to tenacity and determination, Matt achieved his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. His story is one that many people can draw similar parallels, and is guaranteed to inspire you toward your own dreams. Sign up for the conference now and ensure your spot to hear Matt’s story in person. You won’t be disappointed!

For more information on this year’s Set Sail! Conference and to register, click here.



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