Why There is Great Risk in Only Celebrating Your Results?

Yesterday we gave you insight as to why you want to use cognitive dissonance in your favor as you move forward in alignment with your vision!  Today we want to share with you the risk involved with only celebrating your results!

The results you achieve are due to what you did in the past.  It is not a reflection of what you are investing into your future.  The habits you are embracing today are what are going to pay you dividends in the future.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t take inventory of the results because this is extremely important!  It gives you insight into what needs to be done proactively today & in the future to increase the likelihood of what you want to accomplish in the future.

You don’t have complete control of the results you achieve; but you do have complete control over how you choose to invest your time!  Celebrate your wise investment of time!  Your future success depends on it!

Are you ready to invest in achieving better results than ever before?

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