Why Not Roar?

Last week we mentioned how important it is to be well…happy!  It sounds so cliche.  And yet as Tiffany reflects on her life, she acknowledges there have been ups & downs; twists and turns; but what she does know is love catches all imperfection and makes it perfect.  Her mom taught her this.

You might be wondering, why does this matter?  What does this have to do with consulting?  It has a lot to do with how she consults her clients. She focuses on bringing out the best in her clients by providing unconditional love and yet saying what needs to be said even when it is hard to say it!

This is how she was raised.  Her parents didn’t raise her textbook perfect.  Instead they made mistakes while always giving their absolute best.  With each passing day, they committed to creating a better life for those they love.

This is why Tiffany feels so blessed.  She now gets to embrace all that they taught her as she grows her business. This is why nothing is going to stop Modern Muse Consulting!  Our CEO was taught by the best of the best what business & life is all about!    Now turn up the volume and click here to listen to Katy Pery’s song, Roar!  It’s your time!


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