Why is Stepp & Rothwell’s Approach Unique in the Market!

Amy GuerichYesterday we shared with you why Amy is proud to represent Stepp & Rothwell, Inc.  Today we want to continue to explain the uniqueness of Stepp & Rothwell’s business model!

 S&R serves 250 families and has 20 employees – a staff to client ratio that is unheard of in the financial services industry.  Each client has a team of 5-6 professionals that are dedicated to their case. This ensures that someone is always available to attend to their needs.  

They view their role as the coach of the financial planning team.  The client is the owner of the team and the professionals at S&R bring in associated professionals as assistants to prepare income tax returns, provide business advice, serve their legal needs, prepare estate documents, sell insurance policies, etc.  Since S&R is completely independent, they can work with any professionals as long as they provide great service at fair prices.

This is what allows them to take such a holistic and comprehensive approach to managing all areas of each family’s finances!  There are no model portfolios at S&R.  They only offer customized solutions!  In order to accomplish this, they proactively manage each case.

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