Why is Marissa Dombrowski So Passionate About Northwestern Mutual?!

MarissaYesterday we introduced Marissa Dombrowski with Northwestern Mutual. Today we reveal what drives Marissa to bring her absolute best to her clients!

One of the key factors for Marissa to stay with Northwestern Mutual after college was the company culture. She says that more than anything, the company is out to help people, rather than make a profit. She describes a changing moment for her that convinced her she was doing the right thing for her career. “I was sitting in a review meeting with my grandma,” she says. “I was detailing information on her long-term care policy and I could just see the relief come off of her shoulders. This service that we provide really does have an impact in people’s lives.” Focusing on how financial planning can benefit people in the long run, will no doubt have a huge impact on Marissa too.

If you’d like to know more about the services that Marissa offers, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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