Why is Kristy Catrett So Passionate About Her Business?

Yesterday we introduced Kristy Catrett with So Betty. Today we reveal where the inspiration for So Betty came from!

The indirect inspiration for So Betty came to Kristy after tragedy. “My mom died when I was 25,” she says. “She was an amazing woman who gave her all and everything she did was for her family.” Kristy says that after she became a mom herself, she started feeling like she was losing herself. The idea that she could create her own business and start something for herself was like getting her identity back. “I don’t compromise what I do,” she says. “I like the empowerment of having my own business and my say on what does or doesn’t happen.” And Kristy says that the most important lesson of all, she learned after losing her mom at a young age. “This life is so short, you might as well enjoy what you’re dong while you’re here.”

If you’d like to know more about the products that Kristy sells, connect with her on Instagram or Facebook. You can also find more from her website.

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