Why is Kelly Miller So Passionate About Her Industry?!

kelly-mYesterday we introduced Kelly Miller with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Today we reveal why Kelly goes above and beyond for her clients!

In an industry that can often times vary when it comes to rates, the one consistent for Kelly Miller is that she loves helping people. “The ability to help people is truly what drives me,” she says. “You’re either helping someone with their very first home, or if they bought a home when the market wasn’t great and now you’re helping them to save money or pay off faster because of equity.” And the role Kelly plays goes beyond just home ownership as well. Kelly says improving the bigger financial picture is a bonus service she can provide. “I’m just passionate about putting people in a better position financially going forward since we don’t know what the future holds.” Kelly’s passion creates a win-win for her clients!

If you’d like to know more about the services that Kelly offers, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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