Why is Chris Aljuni Passionate About Northwestern Mutual?!

Chris AYesterday we introduced Chris Aljuni with Northwestern Mutual. Today we want to describe why Chris is so passionate about what he does for a living!

One of the biggest drivers of motivation for Chris is his ability to help people with an important aspect of their life. “I just met with a client who wanted to invest in a car. And after we went over all of the numbers, I said he was in great shape and buying the car was possible. The look of relief on his face was such a cool moment. If a client tells me I helped them achieve peace of mind regarding their financial outlook, that is by far my favorite aspect of my job,” he says. And the advisors at Northwestern Mutual are competitive, but in a good way. “I’ve not come across anyone who was taking advantage of a client or using bad sales tactics,” he says. “You have to be patient, polite, persistent and professional.” That dedication to putting the clients first and building long-term relationships has helped Chris continue to build his customer base.

If you’d like to know more about the services that Chris offers, check out his website.

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