Why is Andrea Wilcox So Passionate About Her Industry? !

andreaYesterday we introduced Andrea Wilcox with Central Financial Group. Today we reveal why Andrea never feels like what she does is “work!”

I never feel as though I’m going to work every day,” she says. “I feel like a superhero every day I get to help someone.” Andrea reiterates that she prefers passion over a paycheck. “I don’t ever know what my commissions are in any given month. I don’t pay attention to that.” Andrea says that in her industry, she works with retired people and younger people just starting out. She gets to see the whole spectrum of what could happen if you don’t plan from the beginning, and that passion drives her every day to make a difference for her clients. “We’re so passionate about getting people to do tiny things and setting them off in the right direction,” she says. “It feels so good to be able to help people in that way.”

If you’d like to know more about Central Financial Group and the services that Andrea offers, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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