Why are Counter-Intuitive Decisions Sometimes Better?

counter-intuitiveYesterday we reminded you that sometimes the best decisions you make in business & life are counter-intuitive.

Today we want you to consider why this is the case.  Your brain is wired to respond to life the way in which you have conditioned it to respond.  If you have always handled life in a certain way, the likelihood of you re-directing the way in which you respond on your own is not very likely.  We aren’t wired to do this on our own with much ease!

This is why what we do at Modern Muse works! We help our clients align more consistently with what works! We have been working with clients to create Intentional Growth for over a decade now. The beauty of this is we have worked out the kinks.  We know what not to do; just as much as we know what to do.  This give our clients an edge in the marketplace!

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