Who Doesn’t Know Danny Beyer?

danny beyer (1)Last week we shared more about Merit Resources and Jason Kiesau.  As a reminder, Jason will be one of the inspirational keynote speakers at Modern Muse’s upcoming conference, “Set Sell!”

This week we are going to introduce you to Danny Beyer.  We are confident you already know of him since he knows everyone, but maybe he hasn’t got to you yet?

Now we want to share with you how Danny got introduced to Modern Muse.

Sadie Howar introduced Danny Beyer to Modern Muse.  Sadie met Danny and immediately connected with him.  After talking to him in more depth, she knew that Tiffany and him needed to meet.  The best part about this introduction is that the reason Sadie met Danny was because of an introduction that Tiffany made for Sadie.  This is the power of networking!

You might have thought to yourself, “What does this have to do with anything?”  Tomorrow you will learn why this is so important to you, Modern Muse and the entire Set Sell! Team.



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