What’s Up Next?

Yesterday we reminded you of why we started this marketing campaign.  Today we want to share with you what is in store next.

(1) We are almost ready to release our online workshop.

(2) Our next conference, “Set Sell!” is planned and ready to go!  We are now getting ready to start marketing it!  Be on the lookout!

(3) We are also in the preparation of launching an amazing opportunity for professional women to elevate to their full potential through practicing extreme self-care.  This group is called In/Exchange.

To say the least, Tiffany has been a busy!   Those who know her best are not surprised by this.  They know she can juggle many projects at the same time and seem to still have it “all together.”  This isn’t to say that she doesn’t make mistakes from time-to-time because she does, but her nature doesn’t allow her to be anything other than busy!


Are you interested in learning what’s next for Modern Muse?  Take the time to scroll through our website.


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