What’s Up Next for Seth Fisher with Mel Foster Co. Referral Company?

Yesterday, we shared with you what makes Seth Fisher unique in the marketplace. Today, we’re going to let you know what he’s planning to do next!

Seth’s frustrations with his current work schedule and desire to have more time with his partner are the perfect motivators to get him back in the real estate game. He and Jake plan to move back to Des Moines (Seth’s hometown) next spring so they can both grow and get to the next level of their professions.

Working with Tiffany and Ciji at Modern Muse has helped Seth to develop a plan to get back into real estate and eventually work his way up to full-time status. “I’m currently looking for jobs as a property manager for apartments,” says Seth. “Many tenants are saving up for a down payment on a house, so I would love to develop relationships with them and work with them to refer to other realtors that they’d be a good fit with.”

Despite feeling overwhelmed with the service industry as a primary job, Seth says he values that kind of position for other reasons. “Right now, I work seven days a week, often until three in the morning. I have no personal life. But if I were able to bartend or serve a few nights a week, I could continue to cultivate relationships and meet new people.”

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