What’s Up Next for Michelle Hemping and MSG Payment Solutions?

Yesterday, we shared with you what makes Michelle Hemping of MSG Payment Solutions unique in the marketplace. Today, we’re going to let you know what she’s planning to do next!

Michelle’s main goal today is to grow her accounts, and Modern Muse is helping her to identify ways to do just that. “Tiffany is such a valuable resource, and she’s always genuinely interested in my success. We work together to ask questions and find solutions to save time or make things smoother.” In order to get where she wants to be in the next five years, Michelle is dedicated to increasing the number of contact points she has with clients and potential clients every day.

Simply diversifying the ways in which she makes contacts is adding up quickly. Michelle attends trade shows, gathers leads, markets to her software providers and other partners, and makes as many person-to-person connections as possible. “You know that if you have X number of potential clients in the pipeline, not all of them will pan out and some might take longer than others, but it’s a significant investment and that’s what will help me reach my goal.”

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