What’s Up Next for Eron Wilson and RecycleMe Iowa?

Yesterday, we shared with you what makes Eron Wilson of RecycleMe Iowa unique in the marketplace. Today, we’re going to let you know what he’s planning to do next!

“Automation is going to play a big role for us in the next year,” he says. “Streamlining day-to-day things like driver communication and reports will free up a lot of energy that we can then devote to bigger-picture conceptualizing.” Some of these concepts include planning for this summer’s lineup of zero-waste events like Ingersoll Live.

RecycleMe’s growth is coming at a good time, as many community legislatures in surrounding towns like Oskaloosa are nixing their recycling programs entirely. “Lots of plants are closing, plus our recycling deals with China are collapsing. These changes are leaving folks with no option to recycle at all, so some people are burning their waste or just sending it to the landfill. Either way, it’s not good.”

For now, Eron is handling staff oversight and delegation as they expand their team and explore new opportunities. “In a way, our opportunities seem limitless right now,” he says. “The world is catching on to these zero-waste concepts, and what used to be considered radical is now beginning to be viewed as necessary to the longevity of our culture and planet.”

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