What’s the Catch?

DreamCatchersThere is always a catch.  It is a pet-peeve of mine when I hear someone say, “There is no catch.”   This is impossible.  There is always a catch; nothing comes for free in this world.   You might say, “The best things in life are free.”  I will have to politely disagree with you on this one too.  Everything has a price tag.  In fact, the best things in life are the most expensive because you are investing your time.  Your time is worth more than any other commodity.  Now that you can take to the bank!

Where am I going with this?  I promise I am getting there.

This weekend I finally went through the numbers to determine how much money we were able to “catch” to donate to DreamCatchers Foundation.  We promised that a portion of the proceeds from our conference would go to DreamCatchers and we follow through on our promises.   We are humbly donating $150 to DreamCatchers.  YOU helped us make this happen by your support.

What’s the catch?  

The catch is that it isn’t about the money that we donated that matters.  The catch is we wanted to “catch” your attention so you could learn more about DreamCatchers.  We believe in what DreamCatchers is doing.  We know that this non-profit is making a difference in this world!  They are not only dreaming the world beautiful; they are making it even more beautiful with their acts of kindness.

From the bottom of our hearts at Modern Muse, thank you Tricia Rivas and the entire DreamCatchers organization for making the difference you make!  We are honored to play a small part in helping your organization help others!   This is our catch.



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