What’s laying on your heart? You will know!

Yesterday we shared the ongoing ripple effect of the preparation & planning for the upcoming Glow! retreat that Modern Muse is hosting.

Today we  ask you to contemplate what is laying on your heart.  Do you feel called to attend Glow!?   Or not?  You will know.  If you are on the fence, we ask you to decide.  The reason is because we only have a couple of weeks before the retreat.  During this time, Tiffany will be personally working with those who plan to attend Glow! to prepare them for a life-changing experience.

If you know you are supposed to attend, but don’t know how you will pay for the retreat:  WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  We don’t want money to be a factor in your decision.

  • Did you know that Modern Muse is accepting installments?
  • Did you know that you are going to get an In/Exchange membership for the entire year of 2016 for FREE by choosing to attend the retreat?

Yes!  You might say that Tiffany Tokarz wants to make this decision a “no-brainer” for you!

Is it your time? You will know if you are ready to be pampered to prosperity.  Email Tiffany’s assistant, Linda, at linda@modernmuseconsulting.com for a Glow! application.  The Glow! Team is looking forward to being at your service.


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