What’s Holding You Back? Set Sell Instead!


Magnify 2Picture taken by Bird’s Nest Photography at Modern Muse’s 2015 Annual Conference

What’s holding you back from attending Set Sell!?  

Is it the time away from the office?

Is it the cost?

Or are you simply not interested?

The good news is Modern Muse’s Set Sell! Conference is NOT for everyone!  It is for the extraordinary.   This is because you will be inspired into action!  You will be given the tools & resources to turn prospects into raving fans!  This means you will be surrounded by fellow movers & shakers. Research suggests that you become the company you keep!  You will WANT to keep this type of company!

If you are in a sales-related field of any kind, we strongly encourage you to consider joining us to Set Sell! on Tuesday, January 5th.  If you are a mortgage broker, insurance agent, financial advisor or a realtor, you MUST consider attending!  This conference is targeting your respective industries due to the large opportunity to network with future centers of influences!   We already have 80 registered to attend.

  • Do you really want to miss out on networking with fellow movers & shakers?
  • Do you really want to miss out on walking away from the conference with information that changes everything for you in 2016 & beyond?

We don’t think you do!  Buy your ticket(s) today by visiting www.modernmuseconsulting.com/setsell.  If you plan to buy 6 or more tickets, email Linda at linda@modernmuseconsulting.com for group pricing.



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