What Makes Tiffany Tokarz Unique?

Yesterday we shared with you that Tiffany Tokarz, owner of Modern Muse, will be one of our breakout session presenters for our upcoming conference, Soar!  Today we want to share with you what makes her approach unique in the marketplace.

Tiffany started Modern Muse Consulting because there isn’t another consulting firm that she could find that utilizes the approach that she uses.  She incorporates 3-pillars of success with how she works with her clients.  These 3-pillars of success are:  (1) practicing extreme self-care; (2) prosperity principles and (3) strategic planning.   In order to make it easier for her clients to systematically embrace these pillars of success, she created a proprietary online program that supports them with this in between appointments.

The reason her company is named Modern Muse Consulting is because muses in Greek Mythology inspired through the arts and the sciences.   She knows that there is an art to practicing extreme self-care and a science to aligning with prosperity principles.  She incorporates modern-day flare to her approach by leveraging neuroscience research to support her claims while using strategic planning to help her clients stay focused on balancing between working on their business and working in it.

Her breakout session will be focused on how to get started with Modern Muse’s proprietary approach to creating Intentional Growth.  You don’t want to miss it!

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