What Makes Shannissy Catron’s Approach Unique in the Marketplace?

Yesterday, we shared with you why Shannissy Catron of Budding Roses Massage is so passionate about her work. Today, we want to talk about what makes her approach unique in the marketplace.

With her overarching goal of delivering healing touch, Shannissy finds herself in the unique position to provide different types of services that are all tied to the same holistic approach. She reinforces her specialties with different trainings, certifications, and continuing education. She participated in a program called Trauma to Triumph through a nationally recognized doula organization. This program taught about treating and caring for abuse survivors and the many ways in which their needs may differ from conventional care. As far as she is aware, Shannissy is the only doula in Iowa who has participated in the program. She is also a certified doula, which is not necessary in order to practice but she feels that it has armed her with a higher level of education and training.

Massage is the biggest part of her business, and she is proud to provide services that combine two different angles of this type of therapy. “There’s often a divide in massage therapy between practitioners who specialize in fixing specific problems and those who provide a relaxing, spa-like experience. My technique is combining both, so people can feel really good on multiple levels when they’re finished.” She also offers ashiatsu massage, otherwise known as barefoot massage. Using a bar suspended from the ceiling to keep her balance, she massages using her bare feet and hands in a technique that is more relaxing than traditional massage.

Shannissy began studying massage therapy after realizing how much it connects to her doula services. Many women seek prenatal massages to relieve pain, relax, and stimulate the labor process. Shannissy herself went into labor while receiving a massage focused on her hips and pressure points. “Adding massage therapy was a way to enhance my role as a doula,” she says.

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