What Makes Northwestern Mutual Unique? Chris Ajluni Gives You the Scoop!

Chris AYesterday we shared what motivates Chris Ajluni! Today we want to share with you what makes his company, Northwestern Mutual, so unique to the financial planning market place.

While Northwestern Mutual employs more than 7,000 advisors nationwide, Chris says the big difference is how each advisor treats his clients. “It’s all about the experience of the client,” he says. “It’s a relationship-based business and it really matters who takes care of your financial matters. Do they do a good job? Do they follow up with you? Do they help you understand what you’re trying to achieve long-term?” Chris prides his work ethic on how he was raised, and he knows that makes a huge difference with his clients. “I came from a family who taught me the values of working hard, being honest and I believe it matters that you always do the right thing. I am the guy who will respond at any time if I am in the position of helping someone.” With Northwestern Mutual and Chris, you get quality service and an unwavering commitment to providing excellence. It’s a win-win for anyone considering a financial advisor.

Would you like to connect with Chris? Contact him via LinkedIn or visit http://christopherajluni.nm.com/.

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