What Makes John Notch Unique with Emergency Management Planners


Yesterday we shared with you why John Notch founded Emergency Management Planners (EMP).  Today we want to share with you why John Notch’s approach with EMP is unique in the market place.

John is passionate about protecting your business from all types of risk!  When companies work with EMP, John has several goals that he sets out to accomplish.  He utilizes a comprehensive approach to ensure optimal outcomes.  His goal is to:

(1) Connect people, information, and technology – enabling their maximum technology experience.

(2) Enable organizations to effectively deliver and secure technology to fulfill business outcomes.

(3) Foster innovation by bridging business operations and technology service and architecture.

(4) Mitigate risk and loss by comprehensive enterprise risk management – cyber, physical, and operational.

(5) Use fundamental principles of Lean Agile, Lean Six Sigma, and TOC, help organizations improve business processes and begin to transform IT into a business center.

Do you want to connect with John?  Contact him via LinkedIn or visit www.emplanners.com.

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