What Makes Annie Giudicessi Unique?

Yesterday we introduced you Annie Giudicessi.  She is going to be one of the breakout session presenters for our upcoming conference, Soar!  Today we want to share with you why she is unique in the marketplace!

Annie is passionate about all things social media!  She knows that one of the ways in which you can best leverage your social media presence is by creating a brand that is unique to you!  This is why she named her company HeyGiud Communications!  HeyGiud is a long held family social tag of her family; originating from The Beatle’s song, “Hey Jude.”   Her family loves music so it’s easy to understand how this tagline stuck throughout the years.  This is why when she named her company nothing felt more appropriate than to name it HeyGiud Communications!  It sums it up perfectly!  She wants to be known as a professional who is a music lover, a family-oriented person, and if nothing else she knew it would help people pronounce a very difficult Italian last name.

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