What Makes 2 Men & A Dame Unique!



Yesterday we shared with you what 2 Men & A Dame provide for cleaning services.  Today we want to share what makes them unique in the market place!  It is their attention to detail!  There is a reason why their tag line is “They don’t cut corners.  They clean them!”

In order to ensure this happens with each & every clean, the first step is to hire the right employees!  This is why they do an extensive background check on the employees they hire and pay them a competitive wage that is commissioned-based.   When they bring on new employees, they spend time in the field teaching them how to be precise and yet efficient in each & every room in which they clean!   It starts and ends with a checklist.  This is what makes them different.  They hold themselves accountable to ensure excellence and yet they know how to have some fun along the way!

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