What Led Julia Ofenbakh to Found Ofenbakh Law Firm!

Ofenbakhprofile_200Yesterday we introduced you to Julia Ofenbakh with Ofenbakh Law Firm.  Today we want to share with you what led her to found her law firm in 2009.

Prior to law school, Julia worked in various companies as a system administrator specializing in networking and security, as well as a project manager implementing all aspects of new products for new clients.

In 2002, she founded Home Care with Love, Inc. and she still serves as a business management consultant for this organization. While in this capacity she has submitted business plans, attained appropriate forms and certificates, and written over 150 business policies to gain accreditation in accordance with the state and federal regulations.

All of this experience gives Julia a unique perspective & skill set that she uses to benefit her clients.

Do you want to connect with Julia?  Contact her via LinkedIn or visit www.ofenbakhlaw.com.

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