What Keeps Shannissy Catron Passionate about her Work?

Yesterday, we shared with you how Shannissy Catron of Budding Roses Massage got started in her career. Today, we want to share with you what keeps her passionate in her work.

Shannissy considers herself lucky to be able to use her wide skill set to help people heal, whether it’s from violent trauma or the rigors of pregnancy, by literal touch or empathetic counseling. “Every day, I get to physically touch people and also get to touch them on a spiritual level. When they get off my table, it’s not just their bodies that feel better, but also their minds and emotional states, too.” Feeling healthy allows people to examine and work on themselves, leading to an improved state for them as well as those around them. “When your cup is full, you can give to others,” she says. “Spreading that love around is what it’s all about.”

Because of her own experiences with abuse and as a mother herself, Shannissy is also able to identify and help solve a problem that some people might not consider, but is a very real and harmful reality to many: Survivors of trauma, especially sexual abuse, often benefit from specially trained medical professionals. A comfortable birthing process might look different to a survivor for a variety of reasons. Currently, there is no required training for these professionals when it comes to working with trauma survivors, and Shannissy is working to educate and empower providers to improve their care.

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