What Keeps Seth Fisher Passionate about his Work?

Yesterday, we shared with you how Seth Fisher got started in his career. Today, we want to share with you what keeps him passionate in his work.

Working with people has been a natural element of Seth’s jobs since he was fourteen, when he began in the customer service industry. “My first job was at a grocery store. Then I moved into the banking business and service industry. I enjoy working with people and providing great customer service.”

Eventually, Seth decided that he wanted to help people in a different capacity. “Being a real estate agent is about more than just sales,” he says. “It consists of developing a relationship with my clients and walking them through the process of making one of the most meaningful and expensive purchases of their lives.”

Beyond his evident customer service skills, Seth has another, more personal reason for pursuing a different career than the one he has now. As a server and bartender, he rarely has nights and weekends free to spend with his friends and family. Folks in the service industry are often obligated to work holidays and pick up extra shifts. To top it off, Jake’s birthday is Christmas Eve, so it’s a double punch to the gut every year when Seth isn’t around to celebrate with him. They are both ready to make a change and work towards a more compatible schedule, with a day job for Seth being a great first step. “It’s just time to buckle down and do what we need to do,” Seth says.

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