What Keeps Michelle Hemping Passionate about her Work?

Yesterday, we shared with you how Michelle Hemping of MSG Payment Solutions got started in her career. Today, we want to share with you what keeps her passionate in her work.

Michelle’s new job at MSG gave her more flexibility in her schedule, and it allowed her to grow her interpersonal relationships as well. The company mostly serves small businesses, which makes Michelle’s face-to-face interactions with clients extremely important.

“Trust is very important in this industry,” she says. “There tend to be a lot of promises and not a lot of delivery. The honesty and ethics of this company were what really drew me here, because it matched my own character.”

In today’s world, there are many business that rely on electronic payment, so Michelle views her services as integral to the success of a company. She takes this responsibility very seriously, and is proud to deliver innovative solutions that save time and money without gouging her customers. “When you believe in something, you have a passion and you want to tell everyone, ‘help me help you,’” Michelle says. “I can honestly and effortlessly know that what I’m doing is the right thing.”

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