What Is Joshua Morton’s Niche in the Market Place?

joshuaYesterday we shared with you the inspiration that led Joshua Morton to opening Canine Tactical.  Today we want to share with you his niche in the market place.

Joshua has vast experience and expertise in the following areas:

(1) Guiding and assisting new Combat Action Dog personnel in all aspects of canine tactics, techniques and procedures

(2) Planning and coordinating logistical support for the screening and development of new canines

This is a very unique niche and is the reason why Josh Morton is sought out in his field!  He is head trainer for the Belchertown Police Department in Massachusetts. The Windsor Heights Police Department, Polk County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Canine Units in Des Moines, Iowa and contracts with the Polk County Jail in Des Moines for Jail services.

Do you want to connect with Josh?  Contact him via LinkedIn or visit www.caninetactical.com.

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