What Drives Courtney Hill with Premier Credit Union?!

CourtneyYesterday we introduced Courtney Hill with Premier Credit Union. Today we reveal what motivates Courtney to one day become the CEO of Premier Credit Union!

After developing her work ethic at age 16 and putting herself through college, Courtney says she made a lot of financial mistakes along the way and trusted people in the industry to have her best interest at heart. She wants to prevent that from happening to people going forward. “I want to be part of the team that’s doing things the right way,” she says. “We will turn business away if we don’t think it’s going to help that person. Courtney says that she loves educating people on finance, especially since often times this is not properly taught as part of earlier education. “In high school and college (unless that’s your major), they don’t teach you real life applicable financial learning. How do you balance a checkbook? How do you buy a car or compare mortgage rates? People think they are getting a good deal when a lot of times they aren’t,” she says. That passion for what she does, and always doing the right thing for members is one major reason why Courtney continues to do so well in her career.

If you’d like to know more about the services that Courtney offers, connect with her on LinkedIn.


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