What Can Attendees Expect from Tiffany Tokarz’ Breakout Session?!

tiffanytokarz1Yesterday we shared with you a little more about Tiffany Tokarz and some of her biggest accomplishments, which included using her own principles to drive Modern Muse to increased growth.  This is important to know because during this year’s Set Sail Conference on Jan. 4, 2017, Tiffany will direct a breakout session that will teach attendees how to apply one of the keys to growing with intention that she teaches her clients. Here are some snippets of what you can expect.

In order to create intentional growth, it takes sustainable energy. When you are tired or even just worn out, do you care about growing the way you do when you have high levels of energy? To create a systemic way of maximizing energy levels, Tiffany will walk attendees through concrete ways to be intentional about the ways in which they are using their time. One of the ways in which to do this is through completing a time-study.  By doing this, you can see the eye-opening ways you are either taking advantage of your time, or wasting it. From there, Tiffany will show attendees how to effectively carve out time on your calendar in alignment with what matters most.  Over time, these small changes in your everyday time management can cause everything to come into alignment with what you truly want to achieve. You’ll get so many good tips to implement immediately that you don’t want to miss this session!

Register now for the Modern Muse Set Sail Conference by visiting www.modernmuseconsulting.com/setsail


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