What Can Attendees Expect from Jason Kiesau’s Breakout Session?!

Jason KYesterday we shared with you a little more about Jason Kiesau and some of his biggest accomplishments. During this year’s Set Sail Conference on Jan. 4, 2017, Jason will direct a breakout session on persuasive communications strategies and how you can lead with style. Here are some snippets of what you can expect.

One of the principles that Jason teaches the leaders he works with across the country is that we each have a distinct social style that is all about emotional intelligence and self-management. The stronger your self-management is the more effective you will be at building productive relationships and leading people. This breakout session will ask you to identify your working relationships with others. Are there relationships that leave you feeling positive? What are the characteristics of those relationships? Are there ones that leave you feeling challenged? Conversely, what are the characteristics of those relationships? Participants should be ready to answer questions about their own observable behavior and will learn more about their own leadership style and the style of others. It’s a must-attend session for anyone wishing to improve the way they relate with others!

Do you want to attend?

Register now for the Modern Muse Set Sail Conference by visiting www.modernmuseconsulting.com/setsail.


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