What Are Some of Tiffany Tokarz’ Biggest Accomplishments?

Last week we shared what makes Tiffany Tokarz and Modern Muse Consulting unique in the marketplace.  Today we want to share with you some of Tiffany’s biggest accomplishments from her perspective.

“I keep swinging when many would have given up and because of this, I have generated success along the way,” is what she says is her biggest accomplishment.  Due to this, she has created a systematic proprietary system to help others successfully generate growth in their businesses.   She has written several articles that have been published in multiple publications.  She is an author of the book, “Live Richly by Design.”  She has created training programs that have trained 1000s of professionals across the nation on a wide variety of sales-related topics.

In addition to this, she was inducted into Faculty Row due to the success she has had academically and in business.   She is proud of this because of the caliber of those who get accepted into this organization.

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