What Are Some of Meg & Steve Shearer’s Biggest Accomplishments?

Yesterday we shared why Steve and Meg Shearer’s approach is unique in the marketplace.  Today we want to share with you some of their biggest accomplishments from their perspective.

During the last 15 years of owning Chocolate Storybook, they have stayed committed to their values.  They have always said that family comes first and you can ask their employees, this is something that is still preached today.  They know that they ask a lot from their employees and yet in return, they give a lot!  They believe this is the reason why they have created explosive growth through the years.  They are committed to excellence and yet they aren’t afraid to take some risk along the way!   For example, they could have never imagined that flavored cotton candy would be one of their biggest accomplishments when they bought the business 15 years ago!

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