What are Other’s Saying About Working with Annie?

Yesterday we shared with you some of Annie’s favorite accomplishments.  Today we want to share what others are saying about working with HeyGiud Communications!

“HeyGiud Communications really helped us step up our social media game.  Annie identified and helped strengthen our current best practices, while eliminating things that were wasting our time or diluting our brand.  We’ve hit our readership targets faster than anticipated; I’m so glad we have her expertise to help our brand continue to grow!”  ~The Kidsperts

“Annie has been a great sound board for me and knows exactly what struggles I am facing with while trying to market a non-profit that has not had much exposure in the past.  She is a great resource for us to use as we move to the next phase of our marketing plan.  I truly appreciate her positive spirit and her knowledge.”  ~ Kari Warren, President of Greater East Side Development

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