We’re Ready! Are you? Set Sell!

Set Sell!


Last week we shared with you why Modern Muse is so humbled by TJ’s decision to get involved with Set Sell! After all, he has won several Iron Man Competitions and the Dimond bike he invented is sought out around the globe by triathletes.

Today we are going to remind you of all the professionals involved with Set Sell!   There are four inspirational speakers and five breakout sessions to choose from if you attend.  Each of the speakers and breakout session presenters is making their own unique splash in Des Moines!  They are ready to share their tips & tricks to get you where you want to go!

Inspirational Speakers:

Jason Kiesau, Author of “Focused”

-Char Klisares, Owner of Char Klisares Real Estate Team & Take 10 Founder

-Tricia Rivas, Owner of Trixie’s Salon and Founder of Dream Catchers Foundation

-TJ Tollakson, Owner of Ruster Sports (making a global impact right here in Des Moines)


Breakout Session Presenters:
– Tiffany Tokarz, Modern Muse Consulting CEO & Intentional Growth Strategist is presenting “Chart the Uncharted:” Embrace the Science of Peak Performance to Increase Profitability by Improving Productivity

– Danny Beyer, Author of “The Ties that Bind” is presenting “Smooth Selling:” Transition Cold Leads to HOT! by Networking Effectively

– Sadie Howar, Owner of Fresh Image & Brand/Marketing Strategist is presenting “How to Intentionally Cast Your Net:” Your Marketing Strategy Matters

– Chris Mason with Merit Resources is presenting “Stay the Course with Intention:” Manage the Employee Cycle with Ease by

– Amy Boyce with Merit Resources is presenting “Position the Wind at Your Back:” Deliver Exceptional Service that Impacts Your Bottom-line.

Modern Muse and the Set Sell! team are ready to Set Sell!  We hope you are too!   Buy your ticket(s) today by visiting www.modernmuseconsulting.com/setsell. If you plan to buy a group of 6 tickets or more, email Linda at linda@modernmuseconsulting.com for group pricing.


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