Up Close & Personal with Tracy Fuller!


Yesterday we gave you a sneak peak of Tracy Fuller, with InnovativEvents, in action.  Tracy is one of our inspirational speakers for our upcoming conference, Soar!  Today we want to give you an up close & personal view of her life.

Tracy is happily married!  She and her husband find themselves enjoying the small things on a daily basis together and yet one of their favorite thing to do together is travel.  They both have adventurous spirits and this provides them an outlook to explore the globe!

She has two grown children who she is proud to say have personally defined success; and sought-out creating their own personal definition!  This is not easy to do and why she is so proud of them!  They are both busy and yet she enjoys their company as often as time allows.

When she is not spending time with friends or family, Tracy explores her creativity.  This is one of the reasons why she is such a talented event planner.  It is also why she is such a talented artist.  Tracy loves spending time with a paint brush and a canvas when she has free time.


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