Up Close & Personal with Marissa Dombrowski of Northwestern Mutual!

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Yesterday we shared with you Marissa Dombrowski’s vision for the future. Today we’d like to give you insight into what Marissa is like outside of work.

Marissa said she enjoys any types of settings involving a lot of people because she gets her energy from them. “My husband rides dirt bikes so we go racing a lot,” she says. “I have a four-wheeler and he has a dirt bikes so we spend time with a lot of our friends riding those. I also like to go camping and boating with my dad’s family. Marissa also said she loves spending time with her biggest role model: mom. “I just love hanging out with her,” she gushed. “We’ll go to the farmer’s market, we’ll go off on a day trip and explore new places, which is always fun,” she says. Marissa’s down-to-earth attitude seems to mesh well within the Northwestern Mutual culture – and among her loved ones!

Would you like to connect with Marissa? Contact her via LinkedIn or visit her website to learn more.


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