Up Close & Personal with Kristy Catrett , Owner of So Betty!


Yesterday we shared with you Kristy’s future plans for So Betty. Today we’d like to give you insight into what Kristy likes to do outside of the business she’s created.

She’s very active with her two daughters, ages 10 and 7. Her older daughter loves to sing and is taking music lessons and participating in three vocal choirs. Her younger daughter is totally into sports of every kind. Kristy is also involved in the school PTA. Currently, her husband is transitioning jobs and she’s happy to see him take time to relax and really look for something he enjoys. Another passion of Kristy’s is healthier living. She enjoys cooking with her daughters and teaching them about healthy eating and keeping ailments away by a proper diet and supplementation. Family is important to Kristy and it’s easy to see how that devotion is in the fabric of So Betty, as well. It’s safe to say her mom would be very proud of her!

Would you like to connect with Kristy and support So Betty? Check out her website, www.sobettyboutique.com to learn more.


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