Up Close & Personal with Chris Ajluni of Northwestern Mutual!

Chris - personalYesterday we talked about how Chris Ajluni is growing his business with Northwestern Mutual. Today we’d like to give you insight into what Chris is like outside of work.

Chris participates in a number of sports throughout the year, including tennis, softball, soccer and running. He enjoys reading, spending time with friends and getting active in his community. “I’m really engaged in the community and the issues affecting everyday people,” he says. “I’m actually surprised that more people are not getting involved.”

Chris also really enjoys traveling outside of the United States. “I enjoy traveling in the states too, but there’s something about getting out of your own environment.” He’s been to Uruguay, Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria, Argentina, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Canada. Vancouver Island in Canada (where the movie Jurassic Park was filmed) is one of his favorite destinations. Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand are on his bucket list of places he still wants to visit.

Would you like to connect with Chris? Contact him via LinkedIn or visit http://christopherajluni.nm.com/.

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