Up Close and Personal with Shannissy Catron of Budding Roses Massage!

Yesterday, we shared with you what’s next for Shannissy and her company, Budding Roses Massage. Today, we want to wrap up the week sharing with you what Shannissy enjoys doing outside of work.

Outside of working on and expanding her business, the majority of Shannissy’s time is spent with her three-year-old son, James. “He’s very into my work, and is all about massage,” she says. When James spies a pregnant woman, she says, he doesn’t say something like “She has a baby in her belly!” He will point and say, “She has a baby growing in her uterus!”

“He is so smart and emotionally literate,” she says. “He tells me he wants to be a massage therapist when he grows up.”

Shannissy also loves attending spiritual events, like sweatlodges, meditation workshops, community healing events, and plant medicine ceremonies. She likes to visit crystal shops and learn more about alternative medicine and practices. “I’m so engrained in this business and being a mom that all of the things I do outside of that are things to sustain my energy and lifestyle.”

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